Morning lectures


"A car whenever you want, wherever you want." by Moos Tits (

Poppy is the new car sharing platform in Antwerp with 350 environmentally friendly sharing cars. Your Poppy, your freedom


"Defining your MVP: how to choose and prioritize features to make a meaningful and successful product." by Karol Dulat (Movify)

This presentation will help you define and prioritize core features sufficient to deploy the product. You will learn how to set features with enough value for people to use it and get the feedback, to plan future development.

Nico Potvin.jpg

“Design from A to Delivery.” by Nico Potvin (KAN Design)

Making designs decisions is one thing, explaining them to other people is something else entirely. This talk will focus on the things we’ve learned throughout the years to make our communication process smoother for all parties involved. So keep calm and deliver on!


"The battle of two brains." by Peter Fransen (Internet Architects)

When pressed for time, we tend to choose our battles. When creating a concept that choice is often between a wildly creative idea and an easy to use, useful idea. But we know we always need a bit of both. How can we build a concept that is both inspiring _and_ functional … even on a tight deadline?


"What is UX?!?" by Pieter Rahier (Pàu)

What is User Experience actually about? How does the process go and are there examples that prove that focussing on UX actually pays of? Pieter will guide you through your first encounter with UX and show you some practical cases.